Architecture exists in all realms of design from overall concept to the finest details. With the search for quality in design and construction, Dela Designs offers creativity and innovative solutions with diverse services and skills to help our clients achieve their aspirations.

For us, the philosophy of team building is a key ingredient throughout all stages of the projects. The close collaboration with clients and consultants produces results that usually exceed initial client expectations, while ensuring that each project is delivered on time and in budget.



The interior design practice of Dela Designs works in parallel with our architecture.  Our team tailor outcomes to complement, inspire and function.  Our design work is cutting edge across scale and diversity in residential, commercial, institutional and retail projects.

Our interior designers deliver spaces of beauty, luxury and functionality in a committed and responsive way.  We design and select finishes and colours, furniture and fittings and all the components that come together to complete an interior designed to fit. We understand the importance of being current; we extend aspirations through innovation and solution.

Master Planning &
Urban Design

The Master planning and Urban Design practice of Dela Designs understands the importance of creating relevant connectivity between the built and natural environment.

Our vision for the big picture is fundamental in achieving an outcome which will be contextual, functional, programmable, and sustainable. Urbanism is a central component to our portfolio and we take the multiplicity of urban scales as a starting point in our design and reasoning.

Faced with intensifying urban challenges and conflicts, we aim towards discovering spatial solutions that allow the development process to move forward bringing new strategic ideas to both private and public space.


The pleasure of architecture is derived from providing solutions for clients desires, meeting various organizations expectations and continuing responsibility and enthusiasm towards sustainable principles. Dela Designs aims to work towards building close and mutually beneficial relationships with our client’s key stakeholders.  Working with our clients, we endeavour to establish their expectations, understanding and knowledge.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. With our strong team maintaining a culture of service excellence, we are committed to ensuring our customers understand our high level of expertise and skills and our dedication to work to provide the best solutions for you.

For in-depth information on what Dela Designs offers, please download our e-brochure below.